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UltraCheap Whorrific Nebula

Our Integalactic Ejaculate just entered a nebula where prostitution is banned, can you imagine? BANNING the oldest profession? I wonder if they ban selling food too?!? Or selling other basic needs like shelter and clothing?! They don’t seem to understand that sex trafficking can be prevented without banning prostitution as we do on Gonad. Banning prostitution to prevent sex trafficking is like banning clothing to prevent sweatshops. Now, Gametes, don’t get too cocky, prostitution used to be illegal on Gonad too, before the Sexual Enlightenment. Back then, Gonad was afflicted with an oppressive female-phobic power structure ruled predominantly by males, known as “patriarchy.” Initially, legal prostitution was seen to serve the patriarchy – men could legally own or rent women at will. But then empowered female sex workers emerged, organized, and earned good money. This gave women economic and political power. It empowered them to challenge the patriarchy. Meanwhile – men, (the horn dogs they are), couldn’t stop themselves from paying for sex even if it undermined the power structure they believed served them. Unlike today, men were afflicted within a zeitgeist of toxic masculinity and saw empowered women as a threat. In response, men retaliated by belittling women, shaming sex and sex work. They vilified sex work with religious threats of eternal damnation. In those days, the virus of religion was so pervasive that the scheme worked. Sex work was made immoral and illegal as a means to disempower women. We all pay for sex in the end. Somehow. Buying dinner, tolerating dreadful conversation, having children, STIs, everything has its price. Poppers and lube ain’t free. I’ll dive deeper into Gonad’s history with the Universe’s oldest profession next week but I’ll leave you with this thought. A whore who charges a low price is a ‘cheap whore,’ right? So if someone charges nothing for sex, does that make them an ‘ultracheap whore’? Is a one night stand really then just a gathering of ultracheap whores?

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