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Hooked On Gonad

As promised in last week’s report, we’ll continue this history lesson of prostitution on Planet Gonad. It’s long but it’s good. If you forgot already then go back to last weeks missive – read and return.

Once prostitution was banned, safe places for paid sex were busted and so sex workers (mostly women of course) were forced out into the streets where sexually frustrated, violent men threatened their safety. Who stepped in to protect these hookers? No one could – legally. So parasitic male ‘pimps’ stepped in to ‘protect’ them while extorting their income, money, and power. Protect them from what? Men. Especially pimps. Were these pimps benevolently called to protect the sex workers or were they selfishly called to protect their income streams? Their lavish outfits belie the answer.

This suited the patriarchy very well because the men could still buy sex, but then at least the money they were paying went back to men (pimps), reinforcing the patriarchy rather than empowering women. Prostitution was illegal as a means to disempower women and reinforce the patriarchy. Because sex work was illegal it went underground and unregulated, and so sex trafficking exploded – forcing many, against their will, into prostitution. This is tragic and sex trafficking will never be acceptable and must always be fought.

Male pimps dominated until the advent of the Interbutt, which connected Gametes like never before. Female sex workers didn’t have to work the dangerous streets any more to find clients, they could advertise on the Interbutt and screen their clients with electronic correspondence. Finally, empowered female sex workers got their power back and many of the male pimps were out of work! Sex traffickers operated the same interbutt channels and so law enforcement knew where to find and fight sex trafficking.

Gametes were rather uneducated then and didn’t understand the difference between sex work and sex trafficking. Eventually some really tragic stories of sex trafficking emerged that was facilitated by the same interbutt channels as the sex workers. There was a backlash against the interbutt. In a misguided effort to fight sex trafficking, the government passed the Sosta/Festa act which shut down these Interbutt channels, preventing sex workers from safely screening their clients and avoiding pimps. This act, attempting to battle pimping went too far to say that anyone who assists any sex work in their sex work (e.g. counseling, support groups, etc) can be convicted as a pimp! This meant that even support groups or support networks between women sex workers could be busted up and anyone supporting another sex worker (even emotional support) could go to jail for pimping.

This once again robbed women of their power and challenged their support networks. The Gametes didn’t see that – this is like banning clothing to stop sweatshops! Or it’s like banning food to prevent obesity. Ridiculous! Additionally, law enforcement lost this easy go-to place to fight sex trafficking as it went further underground where it was harder to find.

Our planet Gonad has come a long way since then. By legalizing and regulating prostitution we’ve reduced sex trafficking to an extremely rare occurrence that is much easier for authorities to find and stop. By destigmatizing sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and with licensure and health services for both sex workers and clients we’ve reduced rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to all time lows. Sex work certainly isn’t for everyone, and I’m grateful we live in a society where no one has to resort to any kind of work that doesn’t suit them. We have sex workers who are empowered and have chosen this work because they enjoy providing the healing power of sex to other Gametes. Sure, we can get a massage from a friend but when you pay for a massage you expect and get expertise. Expertise that can help you there and then as well as teach you how to connect intimately in your relationships.

Like all Gametes, sex workers always have easy ways to shift to other professions if and when they desire. When Gametes choose sex work on Gonad, they get all the power that comes with that, not stolen by some vampire pimp. While many Gametes get their sexual needs fulfilled with unpaid relations with others, life changes and sometimes a paid lay is in good service to individuals and society. Think of all the sexual frustration and miserable fucks (cliterally and figuratively!) would be on Gonad if folks had no alternatives for affordable, quality, sex care. Thank fvck for the Sexual Enlightenment that took us out of the dark ages!

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