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Heteronormativity Makes Misery

Evident during my quick holographic visit to the Blue Ball was a cultural norm of heterosexual monogamy with a disdain of alternative relations. Such “heteronormativity” pressures many to conform to something they are not. A Blue Baller may play the part but suffers the misery that comes from living inauthentically – isolation, sadness, anger, frustration. Since ‘hurt people hurt people’ these folk spread their misery to others like a contagion through anger and sadness. They may ‘cheat’ to find fulfillment secretly, leading to shame, guilt, and insecurity from ‘cheater’s karma’ (see last post). This intergalactic journey illuminates blessings I took for granted back on Gonad. Us Gametes enjoy and respect diverse relationship styles – monogamy, poly, dom/sub, pup/owner, donkey/kong etc. I took for granted our home where self exploration is fostered to find the relationship style right for each Gamete with guidance on how to find compatible partner(s) shamelessly. On the Blue Ball the majority rules while on Gonad the majority marvels (at diversity). If queerness was accepted culturally then maybe such Blue Ballers could live authentically, preventing the contagious misery of living inauthentically. Coming out could always be an epiphanic awakening and never a heart-wrenching ordeal. Some Blue Ballers are inherently polyamorous but conform to the monogamous norm, lacking self-awareness. When they seek multiple affections (their true nature) they are told it is a moral deficiency of character so they hide it in shame. Many don’t or can’t be authentic and reject the cultural norm and proudly live their alternative true nature. In some communities such people would be ostracized from their entire tribe for such digressions, so it’s easier to fake it with the cost of cheater’s karma. Blue Ballers often blame individuals – rather than accept the diversity of romantic and sexual relationship styles and orientations. How I wish these Blue Ballers could see the misery they are creating through their very narrow predefined expectations of each other. The Universe is delightfully more diverse than this!

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