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Sex In Space

I’m writing from our Intergalactic Ejaculate hurling through space toward the Blue Ball. Have you ever tried sex in zero gravity? Let me tell you it sounds amazing but takes quite a while to get used to, and some serious practice to get it right without bruised bits. Before leaving the Kinkytron, I got to try it. 

The first many attempts are frought with injuries, bruises, oops wrong hole, fluids in your eye, DOH! It’s difficult to get the rhythmic motion when we’re used to gravity doing half the work and then we have to do all of it in zero gravity. Every bodily contact leads to repelling each other without gravity to bring us back together. Not to mention what happens to the fluids. Keep your goggles on! For safe sex sake! It’s challenging but worth it. More trippy than sex on acid.

Kinkytron featured purpose built chambers – complete with padded walls, gentle vacuum to whisk away rando floating fluids, soft restraints, body spinning contraptions, and more. And they even have training classes for navigating the nasty in zero gravity – believe me it’s necessary. The first class involves a student solo. Once mastered (or – masturbated more like), then a partner can be added, one at a time. Only the truly advanced graduate to the floating orgies. Sounds hot but takes a lot of skill to navigate multiple partners in zero gravity, and without training it’s an injury orgy.

I thought we could figure it out ourselves but after 2 black eyes and a bruised butt I opted for the training. Of course your Superfvck mastered it in no time ;-). More like SuperFloatingFvck, can you imagine?

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