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Kinkytronic PlaySpaceStation

Whoa, what a galaxy! Our Intergalactic Ejaculate required some emergency repairs after the immense stress of barely escaping that recent apphole (see the last post). Good thing we packed the lube and a glue gun and good thing we put them into very different bottles so as to not get them mixed up. There’s a mistake you only make once!

With the repairs behind us, we rested while our Ejaculate hurled us through space a few hundred light years before stopping for a break (where I am writing you from) at the truly amazing Kinkytronic PlaySpaceStation aka ‘Kinkytron.’ What a delight!
This floating space station, lightyears from the nearest planet, makes a fantastic lay-over. Or should I say ‘laid-over’?. Which got me thinking – ‘getting laid’ is such a popular term but why not the word ‘lay’ for the present tense? Why would we never hear nor say “I really want to lay you.”

Great food, great accommodation, and dang these aliens get kinky. I enjoyed the Butt Fluffer experience where your cheeks are treated to a wash, wax, and buffing through a car-wash-like experience. Ass first. I opted for the poly sealant but now I keep slipping off the chairs. In the ‘Kinky TV’ experience television signals from distant civilizations unknown are intercepted and the programs caught are reenacted with the perversion on high. Currently popular are multi-armed alien renditions of ‘Showgirls’ and ‘The Smurfs.’ Played by dick headed aliens  – they cliterally have dicks and clits on their heads like flowers do. Except they don’t smell as nice nor look as pleasing. Then there’s a bakery called Kinky Twinkie where cheap pastries are smeared over all sorts of body parts. I opted for the carb-free option on nipples and it was magically delicious. These are just some of the experiences here.

Yeah, Kinkytronic PlaySpaceStation made a splendid recharge, but we are nearly recharged and ready to continue on our journey!

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