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Planet Thruple

I am happy to report back to Mission Control that our trusty Ejaculate is currently hurling us through space at a more than satisfactory trajectory, making up for lost time in Queertopia. I wanted to discuss a very interesting planet we stumbled upon in our journey – Planet Thruple. Its occupants – the thruplets – are all one gender, which makes pronouns easier. They has 3 different ‘multi sexual’ reproductive organs – called a glam-on, a boot-balloon, and a mutunt. Reproduction is an act that requires 3 individuals. Sexual activity of a solo or 2 as a pair is considered masturbation, for only sex between 3 individuals simultaneously is considered sex, and only 3 will succeed in reproduction. Which is done via a board game called ‘TwisterFisterSister.” Which is quite an acrobatic feat and a hoot let me tell you, pass the popcorn! For longterm relationships a 3 way is considered the norm and and any other deviation from that is extraordinary and taboo. Whereas a couple has to manage with three separate dynamics – 2 individuals plus the relationship of the couple is 3, a thruple has 7 dynamics to deal with – 3 individuals plus 3 bi-way relationships, plus the relationship in the middle including all 3. This revered image for the Thruples shows these various dynamics. It would seeming adding one more to a relationship doesn’t just add one more dynamic, but an additional 4 dynamics. COMPLICADO! I find it rather fascinating and impressive to imagine the work of negotiating and compromising and fostering a loving committed relationship between 3 individuals. These creatures must have some exceptional emotional evolution to handle all of that. It’s funny how a 3way relationship can be normal on one planet and yet shunned on another and for what? Is anyone getting hurt or violated in a consenting 3 way relationship? I find it more impressive than threatening. What’s the big deal? Loving relationships come in all sorts of fascinating forms….

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Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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