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Frequencies of Fable Wars

We have been monitoring radio and television frequencies whose source has been triangulated to the Blue Ball itself. We have been learning various Blue Baller languages and gaining insights about recent events. The Blue Ball sounds like a delightfully beautiful planet whose tenants are rather clueless as to how good they have it and what a mess they are making of it. Bickering like babies: “WAAAH! My storybook is the TRUTH! Yours is a LIE! My story will give me everlasting happiness but yours will take you straight to HELL!” These squabbles explode with death and destruction, which then creates hellish places on the Blue Ball. Fighting over whose fables and imaginary friends are real or not, while ignoring the life-threatening truth in front of their very eyes – pollution, climate change, overpopulation. You are cooking yourself out of a home, silly Blue Ballers! Stop warring over fables and pull it together to save your species! Some of them are so wrapped up in pettiness and narcissism they think they can just start over and move to a nearby desert planet they call Mars. Ridiculous! HELLO!?! You can’t even manage the paradise you’ve been given and you think somehow you can do better on a planet whose environment is hostile to life in nearly everyway imaginable? Ridiculous! Sounds like they are making a right mess of things. I wonder if they’ll grow up in time?

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