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Glamaroon Prophylactic

Refueling is complete! Our Intergalactic Ejaculate is now empowered with quality, brand name, Viagrian and high quality Testosterox to fuel our voyage. We are scheduled for departure after just a few sleep cycles.

Spooge Whiteshaft, the intergalactically famous fashion designer, has sourced the finest materials for my new superhero ensemble – thermal dynamic red armor with glamaroon and glittery accents for high tech superhero functionality. 

Extrafabulous fabrics sourced from the remains of Madfad – a planet whose inhabitants fought themselves to extinction. Fighting over fashion of course. These fools adopted blind loyalty to various ancient texts written by competing fashion designers battling for business via religious marketing. Of course, in its time, this fashion-fixated culture created compelling couture. But these fools fought over such trifling affairs such as when to wear white or not, should one gender gain exclusive rights over certain garments or not, etc. etc. Issues which, they read in the ancient texts, were the deadly demands of invisible dieties overhead. 

Rather than enjoy the fun of fashion, panties bunched so much they started warring over it. Till they made a mess of it all and ruined everything. Now Madfad is without its fools to enjoy their fabulous fashions, although the likes of Spooge Whiteshaft and other designers have some very limited gems from the golden age of Madfad such as the fabrics empowering my mission.

My get-up includes the most advanced technology. Like this fabulous and functional cap to protect my head wherever I try to stick it. What do you think? Does it make me look like a real dickhead?

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  1. Tezah October 23, 2019

    It’s cute!

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