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Cheap Viagrian Flop

Unfortunately, our panspermic hyperdrive has been delayed due to the failure of our Viagrian fuel. I knew we should have bought the name brand, not the cheap generics! In our search across the nebula for more, we stopped at the deserted planet Moron to find, sadly, the “intelligent” life had recently caused their own extinction. There are two kinds of shooting from the hip. One that seeks to make life and one that seeks to take life. It seems Planet Moron was overrun with the latter which led to division, fear, anxiety, and eventually a deadly domino effect of armed annihilation. On a good note, we did find some grade X Viagrian fuel but we will need more to reach the Blue Ball. Rest assured, my Gametes, the nebula is flush with Viagrian and Testoterox to fuel our journey. Soon we will be onward toward the Blue Ball!

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