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Mission Update #1: Our trusty ejaculate has just left the atmosphere of our delightful planet Gonad with all systems reporting smooth sailing. This Superfvck is sad to say goodbye for now, but excited about the adventures and mysteries ahead.

My critical mission: to liberate libidos and thwart coitus lameass, all to restore balance to the Sexforce of the Universe.

As time permits of course, I also expect to get laid across the galaxy – planting seeds of sex-positivity along the way.

We are currently entering a spectacular view of the Orion Nebula (see pic) as we settle in for cryogenic rest in preparation for a panspermic hyperdrive. Our destination: across the galaxy to the source of this Sexforce disturbance: a tiny, sexually frustrated, swollen Blue Ball planet.

My next transmission will come upon waking. Until then: Fellow Gametes, you can rest easy tonight knowing that your Superfvck is on his way to save the Universe!

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