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We are currently refueling our trusty ejaculate stopped here at a very glamorous moon orbiting a rather dull little planet. Some time ago on this planet, dreadful heteronormatives took power and sought to squash sexual variety by banishing all the queers. Boring! An island wasn’t far enough so these glamourphobes proposed banishing them to the moon! There were protests of course, there was unrest and resistance – the moon was uninhabitable it seemed. But the planet was becoming a dreadfully dull place anyways from being so boring and conservative so an uninhabitable moon started to sound preferable anyway. The ingenious outcasts eventually made quite a wonderful home of that barren moon. Super fun with shiny disco balls, glittery dildoes, and pink roller coasters! This hip and trendy place was eventually named Queertopia, attracting all the biggest names of the nebula. Just last night I spotted Galaxina Vageena and Spooge Whiteshaft at a cocktail party!! And that homophobic planet attached? Full of boring, bitter haters who drink pumpkin spice lattes and prefer beige. So dreadful I’m getting sleepy writing about it. Queertopia, on the other hand, is a total hoot with the most sexcellent hostesteees. It is wildly entertaining and they are very generous with their Viagrian. It’s difficult to not to get comfortable and stay here it’s so fun, but we’ll be back on our journey soon. Just after this one last cocktail 😉

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