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Consent Is Trending

Two lucky subscribers won free tickets to a recent sexcellent celebration on the Blue Ball where I beamed down my hologram from space to teach ‘ACE the PlayspACE’ covering consent, boundaries, and more. Email subscribers at  enjoy such giveaways so don’t miss out! Consent is currently trending on the Blue Ball. Seems like it’s not a formally taught subject like at schools on Gonad. I had our supercomputer analyze many hours of Blue Ball visual media. From soap operas, dramas, sitcoms, movies, romantic comedies all the way to hard core porn. The dangerous misrepresentation of realistic sexual situations is truly alarming. 97.4% of sexual encounters are represented as some sort of magical unfolding of events entirely without verbal communication. Sexual contact flows from eye gaze to touch to kiss and beyond all without words – are the participants telepathic? Rare are even basic questions like “wanna make out?” before a kiss is planted! Men regularly encourage each other that no means yes, and push back on a no from a woman. Without denying that non-verbal consent is possible, the rarity of verbal consent in 2.6% of media representations seems to be a bad precedent. The Blue Ball is so sex-negative that most parents don’t discuss nor model such matters for children. So most learn from visual media entertainment which rarely models consent. This important topic might help if it were modeled specifically. It’s easy to discuss CONSENT in vague terms but what specific questions feel natural and sexy without killing the moment with a bureaucratic checklist?What is non-verbal consent and how does that work and what are its pitfalls? What about boundaries – the flip side of consent – why not cover those too? I’d love to hear from you: What verbal phrases are sexy and yet still clarify consent?

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  1. TitaRica November 20, 2019

    Thank you for talking about this Superfvck. I am a woman from the blue ball and unfortunately everything you said is true, in my experience. Some of my favorite sexy check-ins are “does that feel good?” and “do you like that?” – so simple and leads to more sexy talk and real communication. Hot!

    • Superfvck December 3, 2019 — Post Author

      Thank you and most sExcellent verbal communication, TitaRica, you sound delicious! “How can I give you pleasure?” or “Do you prefer it with more pressure or less pressure” are some further examples I personally like.

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