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Sex-Negativity lurks in all sorts of sneaky ways, sapping many sex lives. In this week’s episode we’ll unveil it’s many forms and stop it from ruining your sex life and the planet.

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  1. Tezah February 20, 2020

    Oh yeah, I hear yah. We all want to be seen for who we are and to be confident in our tastes, when it comes to attracting another. But it gets stupid when people think that verbalising those tastes in judgemental ways (complaining, shaming or insulting others) makes them look good in anyway at all. Quite the opposite is true. There’s always a bunch of insecure morons who get that twisted. Usually at uptight bars or on TV shows about high-school culture. Hated it.

    • Superfvck April 29, 2020 — Post Author

      True, Tezah. It’s helpful for us to be aware of sounding judgmental when expressing our distastes to be sensitive to fellow beings who enjoy that taste. On the other end of this, we have to remember that very few people can be that proactively thoughtful. We are all going to have different visceral reactions to different kinds of sex, and that’s going to naturally be repulsion at times. Let’s just be polite about it, please (unless, of course, it is outside of consenting adults). If someone has such a reaction to any part of my sexuality it’s empowering for me to remember that their reaction is a comment on THEIR sexuality, not mine. But we are social creatures – it takes work to prevent that from turning into shame. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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